Fairmead Hunting Lodge

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Fairmead Hunting Lodge

You’ll feel right at home...

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Enjoy some stunning scenery...

Getting to Fairmead Hunting Lodge

Ruahine Tanning & Taxidermy Ruahine Tanning & Taxidermy

We will field dress any deer shot and work closely with Ruahine Tanning & Taxidermy for trophy heads.

Visit their website...

If you plan to fly to Wanganui, booking information, flight times/schedules are available at www.airchathams.co.nz

Fairmead is 24kms (30 mins) drive from the main road turn-off at Kai Iwi near Wanganui.


Here's how to find us:

2430 Rangitatau East Road

Kai Iwi, RD 8

Wanganui 4578, New Zealand

The Fairmead Hunting Experience

The Fairmead Hunting Experience

Richard & Barbara Turner

Fairmead Lodge, RD 8

Wanganui, New Zealand

Tel. +64 (6) 342 8767

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